Student Mobility

Student Mobility

The migration and mobility of students and elites are some of the main issues that the Iran Migration Observatory is seriously working on. In this section, while reviewing trends, global policies and existing realities, we provide our policy suggestions and advice to policymakers and decision-makers to be more effective in this area. The essential activities of the Iran Migration Observatory in the field of migration of elites and students are as follows:

  • Validation and creating a credible database: Unfortunately, there is no centralized database that researchers and others can use despite the importance of the issue. Most of the available data on Iranian students and elites’ Migration and Mobility status is related to global data. Using internal resources to show a comprehensive and clear picture of the migration situation of students and elites is one of the critical missions of the Iran Migration Observatory in the field of educational Mobility.
  • Monitoring the global status of elite and student migration: One of the appropriate policy tools in this area is to study global trends and policies of countries active in this field. The Iran Migration Observatory considers it its duty to keep up to date with the current state of the global student migration.
  • Research: Appropriate governance and policy-making in elite and student migration require applied and fundamental research. For this purpose, according to the needs and conditions of the day, the Iran Migration Observatory performs analysis with the appropriate methodology. The first research project of the Iran Migration observatory in this field was "Survey to measure the desire to migrate following the economic fluctuations in 2019 among students and graduates in 2010 and after."
  • Education: One of the activities of the Iran Migration Observatory is holding meetings and training courses in elite and student migration. These programs help create a discourse in this field and promote its research space. Among these programs, we can mention the holding of the first specialized summer school in the country (in cooperation with the University of Turku, Finland) in international migration in June 2019; One of the three principal axes is the migration of elites and students.
  • Promotion: Increasing communication and networking with Iranian students and elites abroad and growing awareness and immigration information of individuals is one of the most critical concerns of the Iran Migration Observatory. In this regard, we use the results of our research and studies as promotional content.
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