Our Mission in IMO

Why the Iran Migration Observatory?

Migration is a multifaceted phenomenon with different economic and social dimensions. By extracting data and having a regular annual picture of migration trends, the impact of various factors on this phenomenon can be understood. For example, a review of migration trends over the past few years shows that with the passage of the joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2015 and the creation of an atmosphere of social hope and economic openness in the country, we saw a decline in international migration abroad and an intensification of professionals returning home. However, after the return of sanctions, we again witness an increase in the desire and decision to emigrate.

Therefore, having an accurate statistical picture of migration helps discover the real reasons and roots. Therefore, to monitor and provide migration information, the Iran Migration Observatory seeks to provide precise data for the country's effective governance and policy decisions and the awareness of Iranian citizens. In addition to analytical notes and specialized case reports from the IMO, the Iran Migration Outlooks is one of the achievements in presenting statistical trends and immigration challenges in various fields, including international student mobility, labour and economic migration, asylum and forced migration.

Iran Migration Observatory at Glance

Iran Migration Observatory is a research institution in Sharif University Policy Research Institute, which was established to monitor, and analyse the situation of migration to/from Iran. The working groups define continuous and accurate monitoring on labour and economic migration, Academic and student mobility, asylum and forced migration. In addition, the social status of society's desire to migrate among different social groups and its reasons are examining the form of limited or extensive periodic surveys.

Our Mission

At the Iran Migration Observatory, we seek to inform different groups of Iranians by providing objective and scientific information in immigration, along with up-to-date and accurate analyses. Efforts to disseminate real-time news and data on the migration environment, obscure concepts that may be subject to opportunistic media play and audience confusion are part of the Iran Migration Observatory's social responsibilities.